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About Nokia

Windows phone over Android

Nokia is a trusted and well-known name when it comes to mobile phones. It was once the biggest distributor of mobile phones in the world. In spite of the technological evolution, the presence of the Windows OS has kept Nokia smartphones in the limelight. One of the largest mobile manufacturers in the world, the company has made the most of its partnership with Microsoft. Tagging the Windows phone operating system with the Lumia series has created a phone that does wonders. The highlight is the relatively little hang time as compared to Android. Instead, the Lumia series runs smoothly and does all the tasks quickly. Multi-tasking is not a problem, and this makes these handsets some of the best for simultaneous app usage.

The myriad of options available

A wide range of choices are given to the customers at The MobileStore. From smartphones to the keypad options; everything is available. It is simply a matter of sifting through the various categories of Nokia phones. The easy-to-use handsets such as the 108, 220 and Asha series are available for those who want a basic experience. There is also an abundance of the models from the Lumia series as well. Buyers can check categories that are made based on the features of the phones. This helps to make an informed decision. Whether you want a phone for office work or something exclusively for gaming and entertainment, the company has something for everybody. The use of the Snapdragon processors has made the Lumia range capable of handling heavy-duty gaming. The cutting-edge features of models such as the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 730 are all designed to be multi-purpose gadgets. People can also make a choice based on the Nokia price list, which allows for custom ranges to be set.

Indulge in happier shopping with exclusive discounts

Discounts and offers are available at The MobileStore website. This brings down the Nokia mobile price in India even further, allowing for bargains to be picked up. Customers can also read Nokia mobile reviews, and in turn, and make a wise choice. A number of payment options such as cash on delivery, Internet banking and debit or credit card are provided after a transaction has been decided upon. All of this simply makes the online shopping experience better. A chance to not only buy new Nokia mobiles online, but to do so in a convenient manner is what sets The Mobile Store apart from the rest.