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About Sony

High-quality music on-the-go

Sony is a name that is renowned across the world, not just for their mobile phones, but a host of other products including televisions and headphones. The signature Xperia range has become a well-known trademark among the youth, who prefer it due to the long battery life and sound quality. It is also the company who launched the Sony Xperia Z, which gained fame due to its hardy, water- and dust-resistant body. Sony smartphones utilise the Android Operating System extensively and wisely. The company has always had music as their highlight, and music lovers around the world have long loved the devices for this very reason. Apart from that, the usage of high-end processors in all their phones has also been a USP in the recent years.

A wide assortment of sturdy handsets

People on a budget can find great offers on the website. The latest models are packed with the excellent Android Operating Systems, as well as RAM and multi-core processors to facilitate multi-tasking. The broad categories allow for easy decision making when the customer visits the website. If a user wants a phone with 3G and Wi-Fi compatibility, then he or she can simply choose a category and view the options available. A custom range can be set in terms of budget, to eliminate the ones outside it. Sony phones are, without a doubt, one of the premier brands in the market. Camera quality is the highlight as the packing sensors click quick and sharp images simply with the auto-focus option. The flagship model Xperia Z3 is available with us, as are the lower-priced models such as the E1, E3, and C handsets. All of the new Sony mobiles stand for innovation, and this has contributed even further to the growing respect for the company.

Easy payment options

The MobileStore stands out for the payment options available while buying. You can use a debit or credit card for payment. There is even an option for easy monthly installments, which allows for the higher-priced models to be purchased by spreading the payments over a number of months. This makes it simple to buy Sony mobiles online at a relatively cheap rate. After the purchase, users can opt to submit Sony mobile reviews in order to rate their experience with the chosen handset. Smooth service and the best Sony mobile price list in India define the services at The MobileStore. The MobileStore simply aims to provide a great shopping experience.