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Paytm Mall Offer

  • Offer valid only on Offline Sales only.
  • Offer is valid only on selected brands only.
  • Samsung, Oppo and Vivo is not part of the offer.
  • TMS would not be responsible for any dispute regarding cashback.
  • TMS reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the offer and to amend or change these Terms and Conditions at any time for whatever reason and without giving prior notice

Discount Coupons:

The following terms and conditions shall apply to The MobileStore, ("TMS") Discount Coupons, ("Discount Coupons")

  • Discount coupons can be availed on every purchase made at TMS - Stores &
  • Validity of link/e-booklet to avail coupons is 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Valid Email Id & Phone no. has to be provided by the customer at the time of billing
  • To avail the coupon, customer has to use the coupon code before payment
  • Merchants/retailer shall not be held responsible for incorrect code entered by the customer
  • Terms & conditions mentioned by the merchants/retailer needs to be followed at the time of coupon redemption
  • Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash, cheque or credit note
  • If the customer is not able to use the coupon code, then he needs to contact the retailer/merchant. The MobileStore and Couponraja cannot be held responsible for discrepancy relating to the coupon code
  • The MobileStore and Couponraja reserves the right to modify, amend, change or terminate the terms here at its sole discretion and/or withdraw the Offer without any prior notice.
  • Any dispute arising out of the scheme shall be referred to the Brand & the decision of the Brand; thereon shall be final & binding
  • The MobileStore shall not be responsible if customers are not able to avail the offer
  • If the customer misplaces the link, they need to connect

Lava A77/A97 –365 days screen replacement Guaranteed

The following terms and conditions shall apply to The Mobilestore Limited, ("TMS") Lava A77/97- 365 days screen replacement guaranteed offer, (the "Scheme").

  • The Scheme is valid on handsets purchased from TMS
  • The Scheme is applicable both at TMS Stores & TMS website (
  • The Scheme is valid from 30th May’17 to 31st Aug’17, both days included and as per Tertiary captured / Original Proof of Purchase of the device
  • The Scheme is valid only on Lava A77 & Lava A97 model, purchased within India under the promotion period
  • The Scheme entitles customer to avail free of cost one time replacement of his/her Touch screen/OGS/LCD in case of only screen breakage happening within the handset warranty period. This scheme will not apply against scratches, grazes, minor abrasions or scuffmarks.
  • Spare parts cover - a) Touch panel/LCD/ One glass solution (OGS) as applicable. Any other type of malfunctioning other than breakage will be covered as per the LAVA warranty policy
  • The Scheme is valid only for a single time replacement of the touch screen/LCD only
  • In case of touch screen breakage, customer should visit Lava authorized service centre in person to avail this scheme. Customer must possess original proof of purchase, Identity proof and valid contact number; same will be validated by LAVA service team before final approval.
  • No cash refund will be given to customer. Only broken touch screen replacement is covered under this scheme
  • Customer needs to pay labour charges  as applicable, for the screen replacement under this scheme
  • In case of spare parts other than touch screen, LCD, OGS are required to be changed due to any physical damage, then the repairs will be done as per lava warranty policy for all such ELS fail cases. Cost of same will be borne by the customer
  • The Scheme is valid till stock lasts
  • If customer purchases a new handset of A77/A97 outside the offer period, any breakage/Physical damage of LCD or TP is not eligible for one time free replacement under warranty.
  • All disputes will fall under the jurisdiction of Delhi courts
  • The Mobilestore reserves the right to alter any/all the terms & conditions of this scheme anytime without any prior notice
  • Any dispute arising out of the scheme shall be referred to the Brand & the decision of the Brand thereon shall be final & binding
  • TMS does not hold any warranty or make any representations of the warranty, quality or suitability of the product purchased by the customer, which solely lies with the respective brand / manufacturer of the product.

Zest Money EMI

The following terms and conditions shall apply to The MobileStore Limited, ("TMS")

  • When you use ZestMoney EMI you are taking a loan. To avail this loan customers must follow the application process set by ZestMoney and its affiliated lending partners, submit all the required documents and get approved for the loan. In case (s) of rejection TheMobileStore will not stand responsible.
  • ZestMoney its affiliated lending partners at its sole discretion can alter or modify the terms of EMI or reject (on the basis of the customer's history, amount of transactions etc.), or withdraw the entire EMI scheme.
  • Customers are expected to inquire about the status of their respective EMI requests etc from ZestMoney. TheMobileStore shall not be responsible for any disputes regarding the non-conversion of a transaction into EMI.
  • Customers are expected to repay all of their EMIs on or before the due date as communicated to them by ZestMoney. This payment can be automatically collected using a signed & verified NACH from their bank account or using Other payment modes like netbanking, debit card via payment gateway.
  • If the relevant EMI amount is not available for collection by ZestMoney in full on each due date we will charge a missed payment fee of INR 250 and a variable fee as applicable.

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